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"Dr. Weiss and his staff were highly recommended to me during an ER visit to evaluate a deeply embedded splinter in in my Right index finger. Because I was due to leave for an extended trip abroad in 12 days it was important to me to resolve this problem. Although the splinter could not be seen, he LISTENED to me and searched diligently for it, first by visual examination, then by x-ray. Still finding nothing, he tried once more by ultrasound exam and succeeded in finding and removing a 1.6 cm splinter. I was a new patient who was lucky enough to be worked into his busy afternoon that same day. All diagnostic testing and treatment occurred in his office. Dr. Weiss and his staff modeled the best in competent and compassionate care. I am thankful that I was referred to such an excellent physician."

- N. G.

Dr. Weiss really took care of me, saved my hand. He is very professional and well spoken and has some jokes too. He has an excellent support staff. He continued to monitor my progress until I was healed up and back on track. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

My experience with Dr. Weiss has been outstanding. It lasted six weeks and began when he left the comfort of his home, after normal business hours, to come to the Henrico Doctors Hospital ER to deal with my left ring finger that had contacted a running table saw. It was not quite totally amputated by the saw. Over a period of an hour he administered to me right there in the ER. He cleaned up the remaining flesh and some of the bone, took the remaining skin and turned it over the stub and sewed it up. His professionalism, his demeanor and ability to easily communicate what he was doing was very reassuring. In follow up meetings those same qualities were present. The staff is also excellent. I would highly recommend him and his practice for any of his specialties and will certainly seek him out if I have any future hand, elbow or shoulder problems. -B.L.


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